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How is AI applied to Sport Analytics?

  • Automatic Clips
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Virtual Camera
Automatic Clips

Description of the problem:
Hours are spent sifting through match footage in order to find, clip and annotate match events. A human simply cannot compete with the speed, cost and execution of AI powered clip creation for sports analysis that produces clips ready for you to filter, analyze and share in an instance.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Substantially decreases time spent for clip creation
  2. Automatically detect, categorize and create an easily shareable video gallery
Statistical Analysis

Description of the problem:
With the proliferation of all types of sports related data, sports analytics is becoming increasingly too complex and time consuming. In order to keep up with the competition while at the same time ensuring valuable insights are not overlooked, AI is the only solution.

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. Derive real-time insights and information
  2. Unbiased machine-generated reports ready for analysis
Virtual Camera

Description of the problem:
Ensuring good quality camera tracking and zoom is needed to adequately capture important moments and movements in each game. This need for many skilled camera operators and expensive equipment is being usurped by virtual cameras that can autonomously track and zoom. 

Benefits of a ML solution:

  1. More camera angles gives analysts more shots to work with
  2. System is designed to mimic the movement of human operators, ensuring natural and professional shots 
  3. Reduce personnel needed to film matches

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