AI importance in Manufacturing and Machine Learning

How is AI applied in Manufacturing?

How is AI applied in Manufacturing?
Know how AI applied in Manufacturing. Learn more about what is machine learning and the importance of AI in machine learning systems. Click below to learn more.

  • Vision Inspection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
Vision Inspection

Description of the problem:
Human inspectors cannot inspect at the same speed, latency and cost as AI-enabled software

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Improve manufacturing cycle time
  2. Reduce costs
Anomaly Detection

Description of the problem:
Manual anomaly detection requires 24/7 human attention on a manufacturing supply line – with no guarantee for error elimination due to human error.

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Increased Reliability
  2. Unhuman Like Multitasking
Predictive Maintenance

Description of the problem:
Vast increasing quantities of data become too complex for accurate human analysis – rich insights and important aspects are often overlooked.

Benefits of a ML solution:
  1. Reduce downtime
  2. Accurate & Comprehensive results

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